Rules for Entering

1. Songs must be two minutes in length in order to be considered for voting (unless specified by the theme).

2. Songs can be completely arranged and electronic, or they can be composed completely with live instruments. Any type of music will be accepted in whichever way you want to do it. If you want to do accapella, metal guitar riffs, flute solos, trance, whatever, that's fine. Any type of music will be accepted, barring a theme that specifies instrument.

3. Unless the month's theme specifies it, no covers can be submitted for voting. They can be submitted as alternate songs, however. The reason for this is to not bias voting by doing a song that a submitter would know everyone would like.

4. Songs submitted should be in mp3 format.

5. Songs must be unreleased (i.e. not available on the internet or on an album). Songs discovered to have been released previously will be disqualified.

6. Only one song can be submitted for the competition each month. If an artist has prepared 2 songs and would like one to simply be heard, he or she may submit the one song for voting and leave the other as an alternate which will not be voted on, but available to the voting public nonetheless. The second song does not have to be 2 minutes in length.

7. This is an anonymous competition. The identities of who made what will not be known until the final day of voting. If an artist reveals which track is theirs, they will be disqualified.

8. You can submit a song via attachment or weblink in gmail at In addition, a link can be sent through forums using a private message to 'thecreeper'.


Rules for Voting

1. Based on the number of songs, a certain amount of points will be delegated to the listener to distribute to songs they feel are the best. For example, if there are 15 songs, 15 points will be given out to the listener, and they can choose to give their favorite song 6 points, their next favorite 4, and a five other songs 1 point apiece.

2. There will be a 3-day voting period once the songs are released. At the end of those 3 days, the winners will be revealed.

3. Anyone can vote for songs, but they must in good standing as a member of TheShizz forums. a minimum of 50 posts (or submission of a song) is the only requirement to vote, so as to prevent anonymous ballot stuffing in one song's favor.

4. Songs should be judged fairly with an open mind. In the event that reviews are written for each song, any attempt to bias the judging by blatantly hinting at who made it will be removed. In addition, try to be constructive, and if you don't like the song, explain why.