Q: Who do I submit songs to?

A: There are several options. You can submit a song via attachment or weblink in gmail to omcsongs@gmail.com or a link can be sent through TheShizz.org forums using a private message to 'thecreeper'

Q: What is Good-Evil and why is it hosting this?

A: This competition is an offshoot of the popular Dwelling of Duels Video Game Music Competition. In fact, they share many of the same qualities, though this will deal strictly with original material. While DoD makes its home at VGMix, this competition is hosted on good-evil.net, a website I have run since 2003.

Q: Who's in charge of this?

Zach Patterson. On theshizz, my handle is thecreeper.

There will be others that will occasionally help, and they will be announced when the need arises.