Good-Evil Original Music Competition #12: Theme to a Video Game Trainwreck

Theme: Develop songs for the troubled DMX Urban Quad Racing video game (full details below songs):


1. The Sticky Situation - Aruba Sunset Rally - Shabba Ranks' Dirty Riddim Riders (26 votes)
2. Nario - DMX Urban Quad Racing - Pause Menu (25 votes)
3. cacomistle - 1924 Urban Quad Racing Olympics (17 votes)

Full competition Description:
An unknown development company has distributed the following press release:


Join DMX and his crew in this innovative new sandbox racing game!

The year is 2035, and famed rapper DMX is the leader of the resistance against the tyranny of the fearsome New World Order. X and his "Ruff Ryders" become involved in a deadly undergound quad racing tournament in order to unite rival gangs to rally his cause. X-perience over 30 death defying tracks, from the hard streets of future New York to the icy Soviet captial to the mysterious monkey jungles of South America. You can choose from over 15 different weapons such as crowbars, MAC-10's, lassos, and RPG's. On the track, it's kill or be killed.

As X, you work heists in between races to gather money to upgrade your ATV's and for weapons to use during races. Daring heists include raiding pyramids in search of ancient Egyptian artifacts (look out for a few undead surprises!), robbing Neo Tokyo mega-arcades (keep an eye out for skeeball mini-games!), and exploring the long lost crypts of Atlantis in search of priceless treasures from the lost civilization. Manage your Ruff Ryders and their emotional states, level up ATV, physical skills, and form your own party!

Uncover the secrets of the New World Order as your gang grows and you succeed in moving up the ranks of the tournament. Who is really in charge of the tournament? The answers will shock you!


This was the Press Release from 2004. The game has been in development hell for 4 years, has been dismissed by the gaming press in previews as "bland, derivative garbage with terrible controls, muddy, last-gen visuals, and poor, half-executed ideas" but finally looks like it will see a release.

However, it's been reported that DMX now wants nothing to do with the project due based on early bad press and has demanded he be removed from the game. Further, he was angry that the creative team led him on for years about the game but never bothered to research anything about DMX or his music, or even get creative input from him about the game. From the looks of it, the developers are going to have to take all references to DMX, including his music, out of the game. While open to other celebrities filling DMX's spot, they have resigned themselves to creating a fictional lookalike if necessary. Hoping to still appeal to a young, impressionable market who fails to closely read the game box, the tentative character is now "BMX" and the game has been renamed BMX URBAN QUAD RACING: RIDE OR DIE!

Desperate for a new soundtrack, the developers have hired you on the cheap to provide the replacement music for the game. Make a song based on this mishmashed likely-to-bomb game idea. Use either the examples gives above or provide a scenario of your own for the song you make. Medleys of multiple parts of the game or just specific songs or jingles are acceptable. Songs should be at least 30 seconds long. Include a description of what part of the soundtrack you have done, and if you wish, add in that a new celebrity has taken DMX's spot and describe the story tweaks. If you want it to be Tom Arnold's Urban Quad Racing or Roseanne's Family Quad Racing, so be it! Just make sure to note who the new "star" is and make the music fit the spirit of the game. Only songs will be judged for this competition.